Four meditation series comprise the Foundation Level of the Expert In Life™ Program 


You may begin with any of the Foundation Level Series classes of The Expert In Life™ Program, either in person in San Diego or by Zoom. 


Each meditation series in The Expert In Life™ Program consists of 8 Two-Hour Classes and weekly exercises. 

The Expert In Life™ Program was developed by Dr. Vogel over a lifetime of direct experience to provide the means by which to live in the state of Self-realization: fully Self-aware and self-accepting, free from limitation, in deep inner peace and quietly balanced joy.
The Program is a graduated group process centered around proactive life practices and strengthened by a shared commitment to success. It is the objective of the Expert In Life™ Program to empower students to become so expert at understanding, fine-tuning and strengthening their faculties (mind, body, feelings and emotions, senses, intellect and intuition) that they can harmoniously integrate and apply them with easy skill and power to experience life to the fullest in harmony, peace, love, relationship, and fulfillment.  

Meditation Series

To be clear about what fulfills us in life we need to know who we really are. In this Program you discover the essential Being that you are. This knowledge empowers you to relate to yourself in accord with your very essence – mentally, emotionally and spiritually – for clarity and direction in your daily life. The culmination of living the experience of true Self in every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions is Self-realization.

Each series includes classes, guided meditations by Erhard, readings, and personal support by Erhard, staff and peers, and yoga.

Fundamental Meditation Series

Master the fundamental skills necessary to reliably bring yourself into the state of meditation. Reach more expansive levels which earn you the ability to integrate that depth of experience into your daily activities. Predictably bring yourself into the unitive state called meditation.

Essential Meditation Series

Through guided meditation, come to know who you really are, your essential Self. Dispel your misconceptions and fantasies about yourself and learn to dwell in the deep comfort, security and joy of who you really are. Each successive week yields new discoveries as you open up and gain the depth and limitless expansiveness of meditation.

Faculties Meditation Series

Your body, mind, feelings, emotions, senses, intellect and intuition are the instruments with which to experience your life and claim your fulfillment. Untrained, however, they are the source of your downfall. Learn practical and effective ways to train these faculties to work harmoniously and powerfully for you.

Self-Empowered Living through Meditation Series

Learn the fundamental life skills they never taught you in school: Know who you are and consciously live in agreement with yourself. Function free from stress in harmony and balance. Conduct healthy and satisfying relationships, including with yourself. Recognize yourself as authoring your own life, rejecting unsuccessful life patterns. Employ your free will to make healthy and fulfilling life choices.


Experience the Ultimate Intimacy

To have fulfilling relationships requires an intimate relationship with our real Self.

You learn to take care of the most neglected person in your life—you! You find that your identity is not of one who is isolated, but that you are interconnected with everyone and everything around you. This experience allows for the deepest security and complete relaxation in the company of your fellow human beings.

You experience your innate goodness and underlying worthiness. You learn to consistently see yourself as deserving of love and fulfillment. This Self-acceptance blossoms into ever-deepening relationships with family, co-workers and friends.

Self Understanding

Experience Increased Clarity and Direction

To be clear about what fulfills us in life, we need to know who we really are.

In this program, you discover the essential being that you are, the real Self. This knowledge empowers you to relate to yourself as your very essence—mentally, emotionally and spiritually—in your daily life.

The culmination of living the experience of true Self in every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions is Self-realization.

Self Empowerment

Take Charge of Your Life

The demands of modern life can make us feel overwhelmed and tossed about by circumstances. In The Expert in Life Program, you train your body and senses, feelings and emotions, your mind, intellect, and intuition to work harmoniously and powerfully for you instead of against you. By bringing the center of control from outside yourself to within, you gain profound and lasting Self-empowerment.

Structured practice of enacting your Self-knowledge allows you to develop Self-discipline and the empowerment to respond to all life situations. This ensures the fulfillment of your life potential.

Stress Reduction

Learn to Relax at Will

The state of real health includes not just the body, but also our emotions, feelings and every aspect of us.

You learn to effectively address anxiety and stress on the deepest level through the STRESS RELEASE RESPONSE TM, a proven strategy for dependably stopping stress at a moment’s notice. You learn to relax at will regardless of outer circumstances. 

These techniques are based on the fundamental experience of your real Self. You learn to release the deepest and subtlest levels of fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation that are the result of a false understanding of Self. You gain the perspective and power to overcome stress and to move forward in a productive and healthy manner true to your real Self.

Why This Program Works

It is Uniquely Effective

We all share the innate need to fulfill our potential. Many have tried for years without success. This need not be so. The right approach is essential to success.

A Lifetime of Research

and over 40 years of refinement have gone into creating this carefully constructed progressive program. Unlike many psychological approaches that are pathology oriented, Erhard Vogel’s holistic Awareness of Being modality focuses on consciously enacting the positivity of who we essentially are, thereby permanently eliminating old dysfunctional behaviors. This makes Self-realization a practical reality and ensures lasting success.

Your Direct Experience

not belief systems or dogma, forms the basis of your learning. We may intellectually know something or believe in it yet still live at the mercy of old patterns. Your interactions with Dr. Vogel will inspire, stimulate and draw out your innate ability to understand and experience your true Self. By cultivating your own internal experience you are able to assert your will to consciously enact what you know and thereby lead a Self-empowered life.

It Is Thoroughly Enjoyable

Dr. Vogel’s presentations are not only profound but easy to understand and highly enjoyable. Integrating humor with his depth of knowledge, Erhard helps you feel comfortable to express yourself freely. In the safety and support of like-minded people you learn to be yourself.

Ready to join?

If you are interested in joining one of the meditation series in the Expert in Life™ Program please contact us.