Journey Into Your Center

A Truly Life-changing Book by Erhard Vogel, PhD.

Journey Into Your Center is a guide for individuals who have matured sufficiently to take responsibility for their lives and their destiny. It leads you to the subtlest and most expansive consciousness, and helps place your contemporary life into the context of your real identity, eternal Beingness.This is not a quick-fix book offering superficial “how-to” formulae–it engages you in a process for real transformation. The experiences offered can change your life involvement from the superficial to the substantive, from the ephemeral to the permanent, from the illusory to the real. Through this transformation you achieve the ability to effect lasting fulfillment and make a positive contribution to humanity.

Topics covered in this text include:
The Spirit That you Are
The Fear of Success
Experiencing Clear Reflection with a Calm Mind and much, much more

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