A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life

The long-awaited book by Dr. Erhard Vogel is here!

A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life
An Ancient Story For The Modern World

This is the culmination of Erhard’s life experiences starting with his meeting Death at age six, and includes 50 years of his teaching. We can tell you without reservation that this book is one of the most important works of this age. Erhard wrote it to offer you the highest experiences of the Being you are, and to help you realize the answers to the most pressing and fascinating questions of human life. Over the years of its creation, he has taught portions of this book among the Himalayan sages.



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Erhard states, “This book was not written not for the ordinary person, and everyone should read it, for it challenges even those who think little of themselves to rise to the level of perception that frees them from ignorance and the consequent suffering.”

Do not feel daunted by the word “Death” in the title. Death is a loving transformative power; his dialogue with the aspirant reveals the roadmap to realizing your full potential. Dr. Vogel writes:

“Though human Life is a great Opportunity,
it is not the Point.
There is a tenacious deep-seated Directive within
that exhorts us to be in the Experience of real Consciousness,
unending and all-pervasive, not the fragmentary Consciousness or Unconsciousness
that most dwell in.”

A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life is Dr. Vogel’s most important and illuminating work. Reading it with sincere focus, you will profoundly contribute to your life and the lives of others. It is the ultimate guidance to a fulfilling life in Self-realization.

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