Nataraja Yoga Ashram

Become an expert in life

Our mission is to serve humanity by alleviating suffering and empowering individuals to fulfill their deepest needs, desires and aspirations. Through a wide variety  of local and correspondence programs, we are dedicated to promoting the spiritual, physiological and psychological welfare of the human being.


We are a community of people sincerely committed to becoming expert at living fulfilling lives true to our real purpose and identity, through meditation and yoga.  We exert our free will to make positive moment to moment choices which determine our destiny and affect those around us.

We are dedicated to make a meaningful difference for ourselves, our family, our community, and ultimately humanity by being deeply attentive to ourselves as self-empowered, self-trusting, self-respecting beings living true to who we really are, through meditation.  The ultimate goal is Self-realization for most members.

Our community is composed of people who recognize their own worth and accept themselves as the responsible authority for their own lives, making positive self-empowered choices regardless of circumstances and conditions, and those who already know they want to be Self-realized.


The Expert In Life™ Program is designed for people who are ready to make having what they really want in life their highest priority.

They are people who are worthy of the best in life, able to be self-empowered instead of victimized, perceive that they are their own authority in life. They want to make their own positive life choices and live in peace and harmony, rather than conflict and stress, and/or want to be self-realized.

Our Teacher

Our master teacher Dr. Erhard Vogel has given his students the extraordinary experience of their true selves through guided meditations and his personal teachings in the Expert in Life Program series of classes. He cautions students, “Don’t believe a word I say,” as he knows that belief is lazy and real knowledge comes only from personal experience, resulting in self-empowerment.  Through experiencing the knowledge of our real identity, and living authentically in accord with that, we eliminate stress, complication, and suffering, living by free choice rather than by habit.

Our Community

If you see yourself as worthy of the best in life, able to be self-empowered instead of victimized, perceive that you are the authority in your life and make your own positive life choices, want to live in peace and harmony rather than conflict and stress, and/or want to be Self-realized, please apply for the program here: (Self-Discovery Application).  We ask that you qualify yourself by successfully completing a Self-Discovery Process with one or two of our members.

A Dialogue With Death The Teacher of Life

Latest Book

A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life was not written for the ordinary person, and everyone should read it.

For it challenges even those who think little of themselves to rise to the level of perception that frees them from ignorance and the consequent suffering.

Ask yourself, Who am I really?

To be fulfilled, you must know who you are. We can overcome the crisis in which we find ourselves- the constant conflict, greed, short-sightedness, destructive competition, inequality, wars- by learning to live according to our real identity in interconnectedness.

Dr. Erhard Vogel

Few people alive today have the knowledge, skills and integrity with which to make a personal impact on humanity that is lasting and profound in the deepest sense. Dr. Erhard Vogel, who has lived and taught among the sages in the Himalayas, has been guiding people to the innate knowledge of their true Self for more than forty years. He is recognized around the world as a Master Teacher of Self-realization, an author, and a guided meditation teacher.