A Dialogue With Death The Teacher of Life

A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life was not written for the ordinary person, and everyone should read it.

For it challenges even those who think little of themselves to rise to the level of perception that frees them from ignorance and the consequent suffering.


The book

Dr. Vogel regards Death as our premier teacher.

His personal relationship with Death was established at the age of six, when his home was hit by a bomb in WWII Germany. Later in life he lived and taught among world-renowned sages of the Himalayas, who had accepted him into their midst. There he was introduced to the ancient Sanskrit scripture, the Katha Upanishad. An inspired saga about a young sincere aspirant’s meeting with the Lord of Death, the Kathopanisad consists of pithy verses that are impossible for most of us to understand. Erhard, a luminary of our time, brings to light the depth and majesty of this timeless description of reality, and applies it to the ultimate practicality of everyday living: fulfilling our life purpose in Self-realization.

This book is a life changer when you deeply experience it.

What People Are Saying...

Erhard Vogel’s A Dialogue With Death The Teacher Of Life An Ancient Story For The Modern World is based on the Upanishads, one of a small handful of spiritual works that offer the sincere person the deepest spiritual teachings ever available to humanity. 

 Trying to read the Upanishads, however, I was embarrassed that after 17 years of schooling, an advanced degree and 20 years of spiritual study of meditation and yoga that I could not really make heads or tails of much of anything let alone “coherency”or “understanding.”  To me this underscores the absolute necessity of a Teacher. Thank goodness for Dr. Erhard Vogel! He takes the time to explain what each nuance of actual translation means. Moreover, he carefully explains how that particular passage pertains to the sincere student’s growth — a blueprint for a path all the way to fulfillment — Self- realization.

He gives detailed instructions of how to read the book, because it requires quite a deep focus to really experience what’s written. To that end, the beginning of each chapter begins with a guided meditation that sharpens the intellect and stimulates the intuition and all your other powers to sop up more of the experience of a world-level sage. I know that only when I give it my best do i have any chance to taste some of the richest experience that a human can have. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live out your life in the state in which Dr Vogel lives and transcend death, but I definitely feel a difference in my internal state as I impress his teachings. Dr. Vogel always reminds us that this state is not out there — it is who we are, so I have firm resolve to have more of what he has.

I know that this is the book I would choose if I had to pick but only one and that it will yield real knowledge and wisdom for the rest of my life.
Ken Temple

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This book is a life changer when you deeply experience it.